It has been 4 years since the idea for this documentary (The Forgotten Salmon) came to light, and we could not be happier to have the International Wildlife Film Festival be our final festival showing (for now).   In their 40th year we are honoured to be represented in the festival along side some other incredible filmmakers and legends like David Attenborough.

Our film will screen along side several other shorts at 4pm (MTZ) on Friday April 21st, 2017.

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day from 3004 Studios
Announced today are changes to the CMF guidelines and policies with the intention of increasing the participation of women in an industry where women represent only 17 per cent of directors, 34 per cent of writers and 39 per cent of producers.This will help bring much needed parity of creative voices in Canada’s film industry landscape.
We are celebrating International Women’s Day by sharing celebrating women filmmakers.
Here is a short list of great films by Canadian femme directors you should check out:
Rama Rau: League of Exotique Dancers 
We caught this film at the HotDocs premier. A strong portrait of female strength and sexuality.

Brett Story: The Prison in Twelve Landscapes 
An eye opener at HotDocs. A visual essay film about prison without prisons.

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril: Angry Inuk 
An example of giving marginalized and silenced voices a microphone, especially around a contentious issue like the northern seal hunt.


You should also check out the Sundance Institute Resource Map for Women Filmmakers — a searchable storehouse of opportunities and programs available to women filmmakers:


Two Nominations at Vancouver Web Fest 2017 for “The Forgotten Salmon”

We are extremely proud to announce that our film “The Forgotten Salmon” has been selected to screen at the 2017 Vancouver Web Fest and is up for two awards, Best Documentary and Best Screenplay.

We will post more information about screening times once we get them.

Congratulations to all the other nominees!  We look forward to seeing your great work and meeting some of you at the festival in March.







After a round of festivals in Latin America and Spain, Crude Gold by director Monica Gutierrez has now been picked up by Cinema Politica’s Video on Demand service. Launched in April 2016, the VOD features critically acclaimed and lesser-known hard-hitting political documentaries from around the world. We are really proud to be listed amongst amazing films, and encourage you to watch Crude Gold and many other inspiring films on this new service.


Check out Crude Gold: Gran Colombia Gold on the new releases list for Cinema Politica’s VOD page.




This summer 2016, 3004 Studios worked with the Toronto Arts Foundation, in their pilot project Arts in the Parks. For us it was a new exciting experience, filming almost 20 events throughout the summer at neighbourhood parks, from the lakeshore in Etobicoke to the most northern corners in Scarborough and everywhere in between. We were lucky enough to witness Aztec Indigenous ceremonies, Po Wows, film screenings, theatre plays, dance performances, concerts, and art installations. Our team got to meet amazing artists like Lua Shayenne and Company , and the who team at Mabelle Arts.


Magic Noodle

In January, 3004 Studios created a short video for a new chain of restaurants in the GTA called “Magic Noodle”.  This Chinese noodle restaurant is honestly one of the best new restaurants in the city – cheap, but incredible quality.  I literally would hate myself if I bothered say more than that about it.   You should check out their amazing website here:  http://magicnoodle.ca/

The video was incredibly fun to shoot, having noodle masters come in and perform the unique noodle making approach.   This is something that makes this noodle restaurant unique, the experience of seeing the noodles being made in the kitchen.  We filmed in slow-motion, getting close in on the action and really emphasizing the sensations of a hot and fresh bowl of soup.  The concept was to have it loop on a large flatscreen against the front window of the restaurant so pedestrians would see it as they passed by.   And on a frigid Toronto day like this, it would be inviting.

It seems to be working.