Lucky Moose by Perry Walker – screening along side Hitchcock!


August 23rd at 7pm catch “Lucky Moose” produced and directed by Perry Walker at the Toronto Outdoor Picture Show!


We are so proud of Perry, and hope to see you all there!


You can RSVP and see more details here:

Short Documentary Series with Jays Care

We are excited to announce that the Jays Care Foundation asked 3004 Studios to create a short documentary series for the vast network of community programs they have on-going across Canada.   Our first big trip will be to Whitehorse, Yukon.  All of these post-it notes represent stories we have vetted and considered, but there is a lot left to do and whittle down.

You can learn more about the Jays Care programs nation wide in Canada on their website here:


An Instagram Behind the Scenes with ‘Canusa Street’


Province Island, in the middle of Lake Memphremagog,

has its tip snipped off by the USA Canada border.

Daniel Fortin, of the International Border Commission

(a joint commission between Canada and the Unites States governments).  

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The Eastern Townships Archives at Bishop’s University.  

The Border Curling Club in Beebe, Quebec. 

Here is a league made up of both American and Canadian citizens. 

Grayson: A Family Integrated Care Story

We are so proud to announce the release of our latest short documentary called “Grayson: A Family Integrated Care Story”.   This summer our team embedded in the Mount Sinai Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to follow the development of a premature baby.  Grayson was born and his parents, Jake and Ashley, were very eager to let our team in to their world for the three plus months that Grayson stayed in the NICU.

It was an incredible experience to watch Grayson grow and to see his parents rise to the challenge of caring for him.   Family integrated care is not common practice, but Sinai is spearheading the initiative to try and make it so.   It is what it sounds like; parents (family) are the primary care providers, and doctors, nurses and hospital staff are simply guides on their journey.

We invite you to watch the documentary below and share this story so that more people learn about this amazing new methodology.


“Poetry Saved Our Lives” – on YouTube!

3004 Studios is so proud to offically share the online version of our documentary Poetry Saved Our Lives – available worldwide – thanks to the Toronto Public Library. We filmed and edited this project through 2015, following 3 inspiring spoken word coaches, and their mentees; young emerging poets with lots to say. The film captures inspiring performances that tackle important themes to young artists such as: love, trust, islamophobia, racism, and neighbourhood stigma. 2015 was a year full of possibility thanks to the Pan Am games. In the documentary, a performance as part of the Games looms over the coaches and poets, as they get ready to perform on the Pan Am stage in front of thousands of people. This documentary is a testament of how artists overcome challenges to better their craft, and to the importance of artist mentors in creating the next generation of artists in our city. We hope you enjoy it!
You can watch the full documentary here:

Director: Monica Gutierrez
DOP: Galen Brown
Second Camera: Monica Gutierrez
Editor: Galen Brown
Producer: Toronto Public Library

“The Forgotten Salmon” screening at WCFF in NYC this October!

Hey guys,

We are super excited to announce that on October 26th at 8:30 PM EST.

Special limited time discount codes (50% off full series rentals on VOD ) available upon request!

Email with subject line TFS WCFF DISCOUNT CODE



We are happy to announce the final stage of this long journey.   The Forgotten Salmon was a incredible adventure for our team into an unknown corner of our history and connection to the ecology of our earth.   Inspirations for the idea were vast, but I would love to think that Jane Jacobs and her extremely thoughtful investigations into the connectivity between the natural world and human world provided a very strong foundation for the investigations of this series.

We are also extremely proud of the soundtrack to this series, scored by the brilliant Geoffrey Burch – please check out more of his work here.




It has been 4 years since the idea for this documentary (The Forgotten Salmon) came to light, and we could not be happier to have the International Wildlife Film Festival be our final festival showing (for now).   In their 40th year we are honoured to be represented in the festival along side some other incredible filmmakers and legends like David Attenborough.

Our film will screen along side several other shorts at 4pm (MTZ) on Friday April 21st, 2017.

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day from 3004 Studios
Announced today are changes to the CMF guidelines and policies with the intention of increasing the participation of women in an industry where women represent only 17 per cent of directors, 34 per cent of writers and 39 per cent of producers.This will help bring much needed parity of creative voices in Canada’s film industry landscape.
We are celebrating International Women’s Day by sharing celebrating women filmmakers.
Here is a short list of great films by Canadian femme directors you should check out:
Rama Rau: League of Exotique Dancers 
We caught this film at the HotDocs premier. A strong portrait of female strength and sexuality.

Brett Story: The Prison in Twelve Landscapes 
An eye opener at HotDocs. A visual essay film about prison without prisons.

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril: Angry Inuk 
An example of giving marginalized and silenced voices a microphone, especially around a contentious issue like the northern seal hunt.


You should also check out the Sundance Institute Resource Map for Women Filmmakers — a searchable storehouse of opportunities and programs available to women filmmakers: