It was an honour and a pleasure working with this team.  They are celebrating their 20th year of doing great work in the community and are re-branding.  Originally known as Arts for Children and Youth, they are now calling themselves Vibe Arts for Children and Youth and on October 15th, released this video to unveil their new logo and brand.

Here is to continued success to the Vibe team.


Poetry Saved our Lives – greenlit

3004 Studios has been commissioned by the Toronto Public library to produce a short documentary about their breakthrough community program called “Poetry Saved our Lives”.   We have started principle photography and are excited about the great people we have have the chance to meet already.   There is so much talent and passion in some of these young people that it will be hard to narrow the story down to a few perspectives.   We will see how the story unfolds.  For now, cameras on.


Great new series by Director Monica Gutierrez

Monica has been working on this series for the past year, making connections, partnerships and capturing a vitally important story along the way.  I am proud to be editor on the project and as always it was a pleasure working with someone so passionate about their work.

Take some time to watch the 5 part documentary series, Crude Gold, and learn about human rights violations surrounding resource extraction in Colombia.