An Instagram Behind the Scenes with ‘Canusa Street’


Province Island, in the middle of Lake Memphremagog,

has its tip snipped off by the USA Canada border.

Daniel Fortin, of the International Border Commission

(a joint commission between Canada and the Unites States governments).  

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The Eastern Townships Archives at Bishop’s University.  

The Border Curling Club in Beebe, Quebec. 

Here is a league made up of both American and Canadian citizens. 

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day from 3004 Studios
Announced today are changes to the CMF guidelines and policies with the intention of increasing the participation of women in an industry where women represent only 17 per cent of directors, 34 per cent of writers and 39 per cent of producers.This will help bring much needed parity of creative voices in Canada’s film industry landscape.
We are celebrating International Women’s Day by sharing celebrating women filmmakers.
Here is a short list of great films by Canadian femme directors you should check out:
Rama Rau: League of Exotique Dancers 
We caught this film at the HotDocs premier. A strong portrait of female strength and sexuality.

Brett Story: The Prison in Twelve Landscapes 
An eye opener at HotDocs. A visual essay film about prison without prisons.

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril: Angry Inuk 
An example of giving marginalized and silenced voices a microphone, especially around a contentious issue like the northern seal hunt.


You should also check out the Sundance Institute Resource Map for Women Filmmakers — a searchable storehouse of opportunities and programs available to women filmmakers:

CRUDE GOLD at Fredericton Cinema Politica

Screening: Wednesday February 1, 2017.

Organized by Cinema Politica, Fredericton

Crude Gold: Gran Colombia Gold will be screened alongside Defensora, a a documentary about a Mayan Q’eqchi’ resistance against mining in Guatemala where anti-mining camps face violence and forced evictions. It is a perfect pairing with Crude Gold, which explores the impact a Canadian mining company has in the small Colombian town of Segovia.


Magic Noodle

In January, 3004 Studios created a short video for a new chain of restaurants in the GTA called “Magic Noodle”.  This Chinese noodle restaurant is honestly one of the best new restaurants in the city – cheap, but incredible quality.  I literally would hate myself if I bothered say more than that about it.   You should check out their amazing website here:

The video was incredibly fun to shoot, having noodle masters come in and perform the unique noodle making approach.   This is something that makes this noodle restaurant unique, the experience of seeing the noodles being made in the kitchen.  We filmed in slow-motion, getting close in on the action and really emphasizing the sensations of a hot and fresh bowl of soup.  The concept was to have it loop on a large flatscreen against the front window of the restaurant so pedestrians would see it as they passed by.   And on a frigid Toronto day like this, it would be inviting.

It seems to be working.


PSOL – Mini Teaser

We are so excited to soon release our newest documentary we have produced for the Toronto Public Library, called Poetry Saved our Lives. This is just a very tiny piece of just one of the many poems you will hear in the final documentary, but we were so moved by this small piece that we thought we would release it early for all of you.

turn up the volume – enjoy


It was an honour and a pleasure working with this team.  They are celebrating their 20th year of doing great work in the community and are re-branding.  Originally known as Arts for Children and Youth, they are now calling themselves Vibe Arts for Children and Youth and on October 15th, released this video to unveil their new logo and brand.

Here is to continued success to the Vibe team.