November 18, 2017 3004 Studios

Grayson: A Family Integrated Care Story

We are so proud to announce the release of our latest short documentary called “Grayson: A Family Integrated Care Story”.   This summer our team embedded in the Mount Sinai Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to follow the development of a premature baby.  Grayson was born and his parents, Jake and Ashley, were very eager to let our team in to their world for the three plus months that Grayson stayed in the NICU.

It was an incredible experience to watch Grayson grow and to see his parents rise to the challenge of caring for him.   Family integrated care is not common practice, but Sinai is spearheading the initiative to try and make it so.   It is what it sounds like; parents (family) are the primary care providers, and doctors, nurses and hospital staff are simply guides on their journey.

We invite you to watch the documentary below and share this story so that more people learn about this amazing new methodology.